Our Cause

Want to get involved and help stop the spread of extremism? Each and every one of us must stand up for inclusiveness and foster open conversations about diversity. We Welcome You to take action and sign our petition through change.org.

Be a part of the future. Pledge to stand up against violent extremism. Inclusiveness begins with you:

Extremism is a pervasive force of violence and conflict throughout the modern world. It is one of the great cultural and political challenges of this century. Groups like ISIL, Boko Haram, KKK, WBC, and NSM use ideas, vulnerable individuals, and fear to spread a divisive and hateful agenda throughout all levels of society. It is our mission to oppose this force with peace and cultural inclusiveness and to find strength and unity in our inherent differences rather than finding conflict. By learning to normalize differences, pursuing passionate curiosity in learning about each other, we can end extremism at home and abroad.


It takes three simple steps. Help us by embracing each step in yourself and then spreading the message to your neighbor.


1. We -- defn. The people of all colors, creeds, backgrounds, beliefs, and statures-- proud members of this society-- are united in our common humanity and are dedicated to ending the inhumanity of extremist idea and action.


2. Welcome -- defn. We embrace each other and ourselves in all our parts. We seek to support each other's unique selves and culture not as our own but as beautifully human and diverse.


3. ________ -- defn. No revolution happens without questions, no change occurs without exchange. We dedicate ourselves to learning about each other, about the world and the society we live in, and about why extremism is a blight on civilization. Therefore, we invite you to open yourself to the wisdom of differences and the exchange of our own uniqueness with that of yours. Expansion of perspective and knowledge starts with the asking and answering of “whys”. Though every human experiences life through a different lense, we welcome you to explore what matters most to you--to fill in your own blank.